Jersey Troopers – 100 Years of Service Card Set

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During a time where gangsters like Al Capone,  were glorified and perceived as celebrities, authors and artists alike knew there was a different message to be portrayed to the younger generation. In 1936, GUM Inc. released 168 cards depicting acts of heroism displayed by various Police Agencies across the country titled, “G-MEN Heroes of the Law”. Nine of those cards featured stories of New Jersey State Troopers. For the 100th Anniversary of the New Jersey State Police, ten stories were selected covering each decade in our Century of service.  Drawn in the same vintage comic book style art and written in the dramatic language of the 1930’s – These acts of valor are just a small sampling of the acts of bravery and sacrifice exhibited by all Troopers day in and day out .

  • Inspired by G-Men Heroes of the Law
  • 10 Cards + 2 Bonus Cards
  • Professionally Printed on vintage card stock
  • Art by Comic Book artist, Howie Noel

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